Eyelash lift and extensions provide a deeper, more intense look. These techniques make it possible to densify and thicken the eyelashes for a voluminous effect without using mascara or false eyelashes.

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Eyelash lift

Eyelash lift is a beauty technique that aims to curve natural eyelashes to give them a fuller and longer appearance.

75 mins - CHF 60

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Eyelash extension

Eyelash extensions is a beauty technique that involves individually applying synthetic eyelashes to existing natural eyelashes.

Complete pose 120 min - 100 CHF

Filling 90 min - from 40 CHF

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photo extension cil 3D


3D eyelash extension

3D eyelash extensions is an eyelash extension technique that uses lighter and finer extensions than traditional extensions. Unlike classic extensions which are applied individually, the 3D technique consists of applying several ultra-thin eyelashes to a single natural eyelash, thus creating an effect of volume and density.

Complete pose 120 min - 120 CHF

Filling 90 min - from 50 CHF

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frequently asked Questions

Does it damage the eyelashes?

No, eyelash enhancement or extensions do not damage the eyelashes if the application is done by professionals

What precautions should be taken after the service?

do not wet the eyelashes / eyebrows for 24 hours

do not expose them to steam for 48 hours

avoid rubbing your eyes

Is it painful?

no, the service is painless

Can I apply makeup after the performance?

yes but only 24 hours after the service

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